Is the most widely practiced form of yoga in America.  

Hatha is the branch of yoga that concentrates on breathing, physical health and mental wellness.


A series of poses that are moved through using the power of inhaling and exhaling.
​Aka Vinyasa

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Key West, Florida, United States



Super low impact, making it an ideal way for people with joint pain to improve their strength, flexibility and range of motion.  

Aqua Yoga & Traditional Yoga in Key West for Locals and Travelers

Key West Yoga Train provides yoga fitness for locals and tourists in Key West, Florida.

We cater to those that prefer looking up into the beautiful sky instead of ceilings and connecting mats to earth opposed to studio floors.  We invite you to come and practice sun salutations, improve core strength, flexibility and wellness in paradise.

Key West Yoga Train retreats and accommodations are provided at the most beautiful properties in Key West.  
Havana Cabana, Hyatt Centric, Parrot Key Resort, Sunset Cottages, Sheraton and many more hotel and resort locations.

​Book your experience for a bridal shower, corporate event, mini wellness weekend or an extended stay retreat.  

Our Mission is to Support your Fitness and Wellness Goals

We specialize in crafting the perfect yoga and wellness experiences in Key West. Book your next yoga experience with

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